pop-up korean

pop up restaurants are the rage these days.  a few people fueled with an idea and a temporary cooking space = one night of amazing food.  so when i found out that my local irish dive bar has a korean pop up restaurant every wednesday night, i had to go.  $2.50 tall boy PBRs and korean food… a combo that can not be missed.  i dragged my gimpy b school friend Andrew along with me so i wouldn’t look like a creepy loner at the bar.


the menu consists of 4 items: wings, fries, pork belly sandwich, & a burger.  my honest assessment?

fries:  shitty (but the spicy dipping sauce was amazing)
pork belly sandwich: solid but needed more kimchi
burger: extremely tasty, especially the onion relish, but too much raw green onion for my liking
wings (6): unfuckingbelievably delicious (i ordered a second helping…)

overall, i would highly suggest you get your ass to the Blaguard (18th and U) on wednesday nights to try this stuff out.  all the food is cheap (the entire menu can be purchased for $19) and the Blaguard isn’t the worst place to grab a relaxed drink and watch some sports.

check em out at: http://twitter.com/#!/PyongyangGang

One thought on “pop-up korean

  1. When you get out here I know a place where you can get Korean burritos. Pretty good! Also, from what I can remember the Blaguard used to be a post-kickball DC hangout.

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