was in the Frederick area today and stopped by Lunchbox, Bryan Voltaggio’s new lunch spot.  Voltaggio made headlines by winning TopChef and then openning his wildly popular and critically aclaimed restaurant Volt.  with this type of pedigree, I was looking forward to lunch.

I ordered a smoked pork shoulder sandwich and a brownie.

not my picture…

the smoked pork sandwich had great flavor.  the sauce was grainy and mustardy but had a tint of cilantro or thai basil, which gave it this Cuban/Vietnamese fusion flavor.  the pork was well cooked and actually tasted like pork instead of some bland tasteless meat.  the brownie on the other hand was awful (sorry, no picture).  it was too fudgey and clearly hadn’t risen enough.  too sugary, somewhat grainy.  similar to my own failed attempts at making brownies from scratch except i’m not an award-winning chef.

overall thoughts?  food was good but nothing special.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to check the place out but if you’re in the area and want to grab a quick, moderately priced, and quick meal, Lunchbox is a good spot to check out.

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