alembic bar

made a field trip to the Haight today.  this neighborhood is super sketchy and odd.  its filled with thrift stores, smoke shops, dive bars, and other oddities.   however, the diamond in the rough is Alembic Bar.  this hipster-ish bar is filled with plenty of awesome bourbons/whiskeys as well as other cool rare bottles of alcohol.  its the type of place you get a really good old fashioned or some other good brown liquor-based cocktail.

using lunch as an excuse to drink at noon, i sat down at the bar and ordered:

bacon studded hot dog – good but nothing special
chicharrones – also good but definitely not a texture i’m used to.  they definitely didn’t puff up like most chicharrones do.  
beef tongue slider – the star of the meal (other than the bourbon).  beef tongue has the most intense beef flavor and it melts in your mouth.  topped with a Vietnamese-style slaw (think bahn mi style), it was a perfect acidic compliment to cut thru that rich flavor.  

the slider almost makes it worth going back to the Haight.  almost.

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