nothing cures a crappy mood like good ole school Korean food.  and since the last few weeks haven’t been the best, Korean food was in the cards for lunch today.

K-Pop is a new late-night Korean restaurant that is getting a lot of buzz on the food blogs here in SF.  they specialize in simple Korean dishes like bimbimbap.  i ordered the dolsom (hot stone) bimbimbap along with the KFC (korean fried chicken).  the combo of rice, vegetables, marinated grilled beef, a sunny side up egg, and tons of hot sauce really hit the spot.  add on a few soy-glazed wings, it was a really good meal that filled the belly and warmed the soul.    the only downside of this restaurant is that they blare k-pop (hence the name) on the TV in the restaurant.  its honestly somewhat odd and brings back bad memories of my awkward years as a child.

though the poor choice in music, K-Pop is definitely my new favorite late-night restaurant in SF.

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