i love drinking outdoors when the weather is nice (who doesn’t?).  so naturally, when i hear of a cool beer garden in SF, i knew i had to go.

Biergarten (i know, what a creative name for a beer garden) in Hayes Valley is a small beer garden that consists of a picnic tables in an open lot with two trucking containers that have been converted into a bar and a kitchen.  the beer selection is limited and its mainly barfood, but its exactly what i want.  a no-frills bar where you can sit outdoors with friends, hang out, pick at some food, and drink massive quantities of german beer.

with an old friend in town, Biergarten was the perfect location to daydrink and catch up.  along with some beers, we ordered beef tongue sliders and pickled deviled eggs.  though i don’t think the tongue was brined/marinated long enough to get a bit of the toughness out of the meat, the sliders were still meaty deliciousness.  the pickled deviled eggs were a bit too much for me.  mayo + egg yolk + pickle juice is not a good combination of flavors.  can’t blame them for trying something new and inventive.  all that really matters is that the beers are served cold & quick and in that regard, Biergarten delivers.

photo (1)

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