marin county

though the weather has been rainy and cold the last week or so, today (and supposedly the next few days) the weather cleared up.  and in an effort to take advantage of any last remaining nice days before the rain and winter set in, i drove out to Bodega Bay to hit up the links.

the weather during the day was perfect golf weather.  slight breeze, mid 60s, and abundant sunshine.  the links at Bodega Harbour are right on the water and each hole offers beautiful views of the coastline and the water.  couldn’t have been any more picture perfect.

Bodega Harbour Panoramic

after my round of golf, i decided to take the long route home, following the coast on Highway 1 thru Marin County.  i was in no rush to go home and i wanted to enjoy the views and the sunset.

on the way home, i stopped in a coastal town called Point Reyes, where a long string of lanterns on the sidewalks grabbed my interest.  asking a local what was going on, he stated that it was the annual christmas festival where the town gathered to light the christmas tree in town and meet Santa.  my inner child forced me to stop and check out the festivities.  needless to say i was not disappointed.  the whole event was adorable; everyone gathered at a large barn in the center of town, with kids running around while parents hang out and drinking.  after some wine, a good bowl of mexican pozole, and a Santa sighting, i hit the road again with a grin from ear to ear.

Lights Santa

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