as some of readers may know, i grew up in the NY metro area.  many of my friends and family were effected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  they were lucky and the worst of their troubles were power outages or minimal flooding.  however, there were thousands of people who weren’t so lucky.

though i was severely jetlagged, i dragged my ass early this morning out to Long Island to  help some friends hand out toys to kids who were effected by Sandy.  driving out to Long Beach, i passed numerous homes and businesses that were in the midst of repair.  the boardwalk and the beaches were in rough shape.  though i had seen the footage of Sandy on TV, it really didn’t hit home to me until i saw the destruction first hand.  but from disaster comes hope.  and seeing hundreds of kids lining up to come and get toys and meet Santa was an amazing experience, well worth the sleep deprivation.

toy drive

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