twin peaks

every time someone in SF mentions Twin Peaks, the inner 11 year old comes out and thinks about the obvious female body part that would resemble twin peaks.  however, this post is about the actual Twin Peaks.

the weather in SF has been really clear and sunny for the last couple of days.  the day i walked the Embarcadero, my plan was to also drive up to Twin Peaks.  unfortunately there wasn’t enough time before a meeting i had that night.  fastforward to today.  while driving home from the gym i randomly saw a sign for Twin Peaks and decided to make the detour and check it out.  arriving at the top, you see what the appeal is.  its a beautiful panoramic view of the bay area.  since it was a clear day you could see SFO, Oakland/Berkeley, and into Marin.  i foresee myself coming back here to experience a sunrise in the near future.

twin peaks

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