bbq (part deux)

when you have a craving, it consumes you.  and when you try to satisfy that craving with subpar products, the craving only intensifies.  after my subpar meal at T-Dub’s, i craved good bbq even more.  i needed to wash that memory out of my mind with delicious meats.  there was only one place that i thought might do the trick: CatHead’s BBQ.  this place has great reviews and i’ve smelled the smoke from the Sports Authority across the street a few times in the past.  i had my fingers crossed.  and luckily i wasn’t disappointed.

at CatHead’s, i ordered the pulled pork & brisket combo with pimiento mac & cheese and dandelion green potato salad.  let’s get to the heart of the meal.  the meats were delicious.  the brisket was moist & juicy and it melted in my mouth.  the pulled pork had actual meat flavor rather than just being covered in sauce and tasting only like the sauce.  the only disappointment were the sides.  the potato salad was solid but nothing special.  the mac & cheese was not to my liking and i definitely wouldn’t recommend it.  but i was at CatHead’s for its meat, not its sides.  and in that category it delivered.  was it as good as some of the delicious bbq i’ve had in the south?  no.  but for being in SF, it was good enough to hold me over until i can get back east and have some real bbq.  and that’s all i wanted.


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