day 1 – Monterey

as previously mentioned, i am embarking on another long roadtrip across this great nation.  however, unlike before I will not post updates about my trip on a separate blog (check out the DC to SF blog @ since this trip will be considerably shorter.  i am also going to try to add more pictures than before.

day 1 was technically on the road however still in the greater bay area.  i wanted to have one last hurrah on the coast, enjoying the beauty and weather of California before heading back to cold new york.  and the gods couldn’t have been kinder.  it was unseasonably warm today, in the mid 70s with clear blue skies and a slight cool breeze off the ocean.  couldn’t ask for better weather.  after an amazing round of golf in Santa Cruz @ Pasatiempo, i headed down to Monterey for the night.  i had booked my room with a valentine’s day promo code at this renovated hotel.  along with cheap rate for a fireplace room, i also received a $50 coupon to the hotel restaurant, a free bottle of wine, and chocolates.  it felt awkward checking in solo but free stuff is free stuff.

this was waiting for me in the room
this was waiting for me in the room

since it was still gorgeous outside, i went for a drive in carmel to check out the sunset and see some of the amazing homes.  i was not disappointed.  though the beaches were packed with tourists, it didn’t detract from the beauty of the sun setting over the pacific.  a grand farewell in the form of a spectacular sunset.

i will miss these types of views
i will miss these types of views

after a quick (and really crappy, but it was free…) dinner, it was time to watch some hoops and drink this wine before hitting the sack.  though tomorrow is another short drive, it will be the first real day on the road.

filet mignon with shrimp... what a joke
filet mignon with bacon-wrapped shrimp… what a joke
miles driven today: 75 miles
total miles driven: 75 miles

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