day 2 – Monterey to Reno

today was my first real day on the road.  after my romantic manti te’o-esque night in monterey, i woke up refreshed and ready to hit the road.

first stop was breakfast at pebble beach and then 17 mile drive.  as i have mentioned in previous posts, pebble beach is as close as you can get to paradise for a golfer.  so i wanted to enjoy a nice breakfast at the clubhouse overlooking the 18th green as my last stop before i embark on this trip.  and it was a great decision.  the sun was out and the view was amazing.  combo that with a strong cup of peruvian coffee, a leak + artichoke frittata, and perfectly crispy bacon, it was an amazing last meal.

pebble beach frittata

after my perfect meal, i drove along 17 mile drive to check out the ridiculous homes and the other golf courses on the property.  i found it hilarious/gaudy that each of the homes had a name (e.g. pacific catch, winding cypress) but then again if i had a $10M+ vacation home, i would want to name it as well.  the drive also led me by the famous lone cypress, where i had to fight a group of asian tourists to get a good  photo.


making my way thru 17 mile drive, i hit the coast and drove up highway 1 to get my last glimpses of the pacific.  and it couldn’t have been a more picture perfect day.  70s & sunny = windows down & radio up.  i made my way up the pennisula and made my way thru SF and across the bridge.  but i made a quick pitstop @ treasure island to take one last look at the SF skyline.


i had one last stop planned for today before heading to reno, a quick stop in davis for a birthday party.  i had made an effort to see most of my friends in sf before i left however i was unable to see them all.  luke, my friend since high school was one of those people.  so i stopped by his place to wish him happy birthday and bid my farewell.  his wife barbara had cooked a feast and i ended up staying longer than i should have but YOLO.


i finally arrived in reno.  and this city lives up to its reputation of being a shithole.  i’m glad i’m here for only 10 hours and 7 of those i will be asleep.  tomorrow is my first real day of driving.  525 miles stand between me and Salt Lake City.  should be interesting to see when all these miles will catch up to my body but i’ll let future choi deal with that.

miles drive today: 360
miles driven total: 435

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