day 3 – reno to salt lake city

so this statement might come as a shock to a lot of people, but reno is a craphole.  i was glad to get back on the road and put that city behind me.

today was my first real day of driving.  530 miles between me and Salt Lake City.  honestly, it was a boring drive where not much happened .  lots of sing-a-longs as well as crazy air drumming.  i’m sure anyone driving next to me thought i was crazy.

about 30 miles out of Salt Lake City, i finally hit the famed salt lake. with the sun setting behind me and the beautiful lake & snow-capped mountains in front of me, it was an incredible sight.  i think it finally hit me that i’m moving east and SF i wasn’t going back.  those last 30 miles were driven in silence, just soaking in those thoughts and the sights.

Salt Lake City

after checking into my awesome hotel (with a complimentary hot toddy waiting for me which was f-in delicious), i went exploring.  at the center of SLC is the temple square where the temple and offices of the mormon church are.  these mormons are clearly not struggling for money and know to do it right.  the temple is beautiful and the offices are impressive.


right behind the temple square is the capital building, which is set on top of this hill overlooking the city.  it reminds me of those medieval castles set in the middle of town on a hill with the common-folk living in the village below.  the building is huge and very impressive.

Capital Building

my final stop of the day was meeting with an old college friend for dinner and drinks.  i haven’t seen this friend since i graduated but we didn’t miss a beat.  it was like i had seen her only a week ago.  it was good to see a familiar face and an old friend.  originally i was planning on grabbing a bite at crown burger (famous for their pastrami-topped burgers and fry sauce) but since mormons actually care about their religion, almost everything in this town is closed on sundays.  but don’t worry readers, my plan is have a bit of a late start tomorrow so i can my a pitstop at crown burger before hitting the road.

these fries (w/ fry sauce) will have to hold me over till tomorrow
these fries (w/ fry sauce) will have to hold me over till tomorrow
miles driven today: 538
total miles driven: 963

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