day 4 – slc to denver

so i will preface this post by saying that driving all day is extremely tiring.  you wouldn’t think sitting on your ass all day would be, but it is.  also, don’t go to wyoming.  its boring as all hell.

after a fun night catching up with an old friend, i decided to hit the road a bit later today.  this decision was partially due to the fact that i wanted to sleep in but more importantly i wanted to grab a bite to eat at an iconic salt lake city restaurant, crown burger.  salt lake is known for their “fry sauce”, which is basically 2 parts mayo/1 part ketchup.  and one of the best places to go for fry sauce is crown burger, where they slather it on their signature crown burger.  this burger is your basic burger with the addition of fry sauce and a heaping helping of pastrami.  its a heart attack between a bun, but its also unbelievably delicious.  i honestly can say that this is my second favorite burger of all time (right behind white manna in hackensack, NJ).  and believe me, i’ve tried a lot of burgers in my life.

yes, that is pastrami on that burger
yes, that is pastrami on that burger

with that burger sitting like a brick in my stomach, i hit the road.  today was another 530ish miles to denver, mostly thru Wyoming.  originally i had planned on driving thru Colorado but after consulting the weather, there was a chance of snow near vail and my little VW isn’t equipped to handle snow.  the weather was also iffy for a stretch of I-80 in wyoming but it was the lesser of two evils.

like the ride from reno to salt lake, the drive to denver was pretty boring.  it was cool to drive by park city but that was in the first 30 minutes of the drive.  about halfway thru wyoming, the weather turned super sketchy.  it was flurrying and the wind was blowing all the snow from the side of the road all over the place.  parts of the drive was a complete whiteout, where i could barely see 100 feet in front of my car.  it was an extremely tense hour driving thru the snow.

Snow Storm

after getting thru the snowstorm. i took a quick pitstop in buford, the smallest town in the US.  population of 1.  pretty worthless but it was cool to see the sign.


one of my goals on this trip was to see some pretty beautiful stuff.  and the sun setting over the rockies while driving down to denver from cheyenne definitely falls in that category.  hues of blue and orange steaking across the sky, it was an honestly beautiful sight.


so you ask why did i preface this post with my thoughts on how tiring driving is?  its because when i finally arrived in denver, i never left the hotel.  i had ambitions to explore the city but i was so exhausted i grabbed dinner in the lobby and decided to hit the sack early.  my plan is to wake up early tomorrow, get  breakfast at this little awesome bakery near the hotel and hit the road bc tomorrow’s drive will be the longest of the trip.  so hopefully me laming out tonight will pay dividends tomorrow.

my pretentious deconstructed grilled caesar salad
my pretentious deconstructed grilled caesar salad
miles driven today: 538
total miles driven: 1501

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