day 5 – denver to kansas city

just when i thought it couldn’t get worse, it does.  the drive on each leg of this trip has been pretty boring.  yes, the rockies were beautiful but all of wyoming was beyond boring.  but then the drive thru kansas makes driving thru wyoming look like driving thru the italian countryside.

after a lazy night, i woke up early this morning to not only get an early start on my drive but also to grab some breakfast in denver.  snooze cafe had come recommended to me by a few people so i knew i needed to stop by before leaving town.  the menu at snooze is filled with whimsical items but the one that caught my eye was “orange you banana” french toast.  it basically was french toast with blood orange marscapone cream and sliced bananas.  combo’ed with a strong cup of coffee and some crispy bacon, a nice way to warm up the body before hitting the road.

French Toast

like i stated before, the drive was exceptionally boring.  600+ miles of farms.  the only cool thing was to see actual tumbleweeds.  who knew they actually existed?

after a long 9 hour drive, i finally arrived in kansas city.  and there was only one thing i wanted to do.  get some bbq.  people always talk about memphis, texas, or even north carolina bbq.  but kansas city always plays second fiddle.  like any good bbq, there is a healthy debate where is the best bbq in KC.  three places are usually at the top of the list but the order changes from person to person.  those three are Oklahoma Joes, Gates, and Arthur Bryant’s.  Arthur Bryant’s is probably the most well known so i knew that was on my list.  but since i was a) hungry and b) inquisitive and c) a fat kid, i wanted to try more than one bbq restaurant.  and since gates is near arthur bryant’s, it was the logical other choice.

arriving at arthur bryant’s original location, it was exactly what i expected.  dingy and in an odd part of town.  nothing fancy about the restaurant whatsoever.  i ordered a meat plate, which consisted of burnt ends, ribs, sliced pork, and sausage.  overall the meal was solid but nothing special.   the burnt ends were perfectly cooked which was odd since the ribs (were the burnt ends come from) were overcooked.  the sausage was good but nothing special.  the sliced pork was by far the winner.  one of the nice things at arthur bryant’s was the choice of sauces (original, bbq, or spicy).  the fries were perfectly cooked though the coleslaw was very dry.  overall, i would give the meal a B.

Arthur Bryant's

my second stop was gates.  though it wasn’t the original location, it was still somewhat dingy.  people had warned me about the service at gates but honestly the people were really nice (though i would imagine the employees would be less nice if it was crowded).  i ordered the combo plate which had similar items to arthur bryant’s meat plate.  the combo plate was sliced ham, brisket, and ribs with a side of coleslaw.  the meats at gates were almost the opposite of arthur bryant’s.  i wasnt a huge fan of the sliced ham but the brisket and the ribs were amazing.  the coleslaw was too chopped up but at least it was creamy.  the only thing i didn’t really like about gates was the sauce.  it was similar to the original sauce at arthur bryant’s.  both sauces have this tang that i really didn’t enjoy.  but overall this meal was excellent and i would give it a B+.

Gates BBQ

after a ginormous meal(s) like that, it was time to relax.  tomorrow is going to be another long day since I will be making a pitstop in St Louis as well as meeting a friend in Chicago to watch the Cuse game.  hopefully the timing works out.

miles driven today: 615
total miles driven: 2116

One thought on “day 5 – denver to kansas city

  1. As Van Gogh says ~ There may be a great fire in our soul, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke. I am looking forward to hearing how your soul has experienced this trip (twice) and finding new gourmet locations in NYC.

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