day 8 – pittsburgh to NYC

today was my last day on the road.  only 400ish miles stood between me and my final destination of New York City.  but i had a few last stops to make.

before hitting the road, I had one last place to check out in pittsburgh.  when asking friends about  places to check out in pittsburgh, primanti’s is always at the top of the list.  but pamela’s is a close second.  Just primanti’s they’re known for one dish, the hotcakes.  imagine something that straddles the line between pancake and crepe and that’s what you get with pamela’s hotcakes.  golden crust on the outside, light a fluffy towards the center.  i opted for hotcakes stuffed with strawberries, which was delicious.  comboed with a coffee and bacon, i was a happy camper.

photo 1

hitting the road with a full stomach, i had about a 5 hour drive to philly, my last stop on this drive across ‘merica.  with a winter storm coming in, the roads were bad and people were driving slow.  i wanted to avoid all the bad weather so i hauled ass and didn’t stop until i got to philly.

originally i had big plans for philly.  go eat a cheesesteak.  see redding terminal.  walk thru historic philly.  but i was tired and craved to be done with this trip.  it’s only 100 miles from philly to nyc and I just wanted to get home.    so i decided to grab lunch and head home.  but it was going to be an aggressive lunch.

like any other red blooded american, i enjoy a cheesesteak.   and philly is the home of the cheesesteak.  but like any great food, there are many restaurants to claim to have the greatest version of that food.  and no debate is more storied and famous than Pats vs Genos.  two restaurants, separated by only 100 yards, making great philly cheesesteaks.  which is better?  there honestly is no wrong answer.  there basically is one major difference between both sandwich shops.  Pats chops their meat whereas Geno’s leaves the sliced meat whole.  i’ve always been a fan of Pat’s  (I like the chopped meat more) but I’ve never tried to eat both back-to-back to get the best comparison possible.  Well today was that day.

first up was Pat’s.  beautifully sliced meat, onions well diced and mixed within the meat, good wiz.  exactly as I remembered it.  next was Geno’s.  big hunks of meat, big squares of onions, good wiz.  After eating both, what were my thoughts?  Well the obvious was that I felt full and gross.  But beyond those thoughts, I still prefer Pats.  Since the meat is uncut at Geno’s it feels like you get more meat.  But I thought the meat had less flavor.  And since I hate onions (but get them on cheesesteaks bc how could I not), the onions were not as well cooked or integrated into the meat, probably due to the fact that the meat isn’t chopped.  Though I think there is a clearcut winner, this debate will go on forever.

photo 2 photo 3

After my ridiculous lunch, I hit the road.  Luckily there wasn’t a lot of traffic and since I was able to get back before dinnertime, i had time to eat dinner with my nieces.  After 7 long days on the road, seeing their smiling faces made me forget every bad moment.

tomorrow I will try to write a wrapup of all my thoughts from this trip.  but for now, time to get some sleep.

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