sf to nyc – final thoughts

now that i have been back in nyc for a few days and have had some time to decompress from my trip, i’m glad i made the effort and drove back.  was this trip as good as my drive out west?  no even close.  but there were some good moments along the way.  more importantly, it was good to have a buffer between my life in SF and my new life in NYC.  i needed some time to clear the head and get my mind right for this next chapter in my life.  i’m trying to not overthink it (but obviously failing) but the importance behind this decision was not lost on me.  i’ve made a commitment to be back on the east coast for the foreseeable future and who knows where that leads.  i loved almost every moment i was in SF and i would jump at an opportunity to go back west.  regardless of location, i know there are things i want to accomplish in both my personal and professional life.  it will require me to challenge myself and often step out of my comfort zone but lets face it, i’m not getting any younger so the time is now.

thanks to all of you who have read each of these posts and followed my adventures.  its been a fun ride and hope you were slightly entertained my experiences.  though this trip is over, don’t worry bc this blog will continue to be updated with my hijinks in NYC and other locations throughout the world (middle east in april, asia in may, hawaii in june, etc).

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