il buco

today was the first weekend where i felt settled and back into the groove in NYC.  msot of my weekends have been hectic with family stuff or errands but i felt like i could relax today.  and since the weather was nice, i decided to take advantage of the free day and have some fun.

after walking around and doing some light shopping, i met up with friends at Il Buco for brunch.  we have been discussing good italian and how i’ve been craving it and il buco was hopefully going to hit the spot.  and it did (but it also took a nice hit to my wallet as well).  the restaurant is cozy but with communal style tables but still has that aura of fanciness.  they charge you for bread and oil (granted its amazingly fresh warm delicious bread).  but overall the meal was tasty.  i was starving so opted for fried artichokes and a cured meat plate for appetizers and the spaghetti w/ bottarga.  for those of you who don’t know what bottarga is, its salted and cured fish roe which is shaved over the spaghetti.  its rich and filled with ocean flavor, that perfect umami.  though the cost of admission was high, il buco was definitely worth every penny.

artichokes  bottarga

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