middle east trip – day 3

today was our last day in Dubai and our family (or at least my parents) were determined to see all the sights that we haven’t seen in Dubai.

our first stop was the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.  i found it somewhat ridiculous that you had to make a reservation days as well as cough up $30 per person to see this building, but it is the tallest building in the world and its a once-in-a-lifetime experience (until they build some taller building that i end up going to see).  the ride up to the 124th floor is quick and painless and the views from the Burj were beautiful.  you can see for miles and miles and it gave us a decent view of the World Map islands as well as the Palm Islands & Burj Al Arab (Sail Hotel).  but like many monuments you visit, you get to the top and look around and go down pretty much immediately.  its something cool to see but you definitely don’t linger.

Burj Khalifa View From Burj Khalifa

after the Burj, the plan was to go and see Ferrari World while my parents went on a bus tour of the city.  but plans quickly devolved to hanging out at the pool and relaxing before our flight to Bahrain.  i guess Ferrari world will have to wait for some other time (possibly the next time we go visit my sister).

Sam Passed Out

the ride from Dubai was quick and painless.  at the airport we finally met up with my new bro-in-law and started our journey into Saudi.   though the ride should only take 30 minutes, there were many delays due to security and such and it ended up taking about 1.5 hours to get into Saudi.  but we finally arrived in the Kingdom.

with the day wrapping up, we arrived out our villa (which is pretty freakin sweet) and ordered some schwarmas from the local spot.  its weird seeing women in burkas and being in this foreign country where everyone is staring at you but the one thing that unites all is a passion for european futbol.  while waiting for schwarmas i briefly bonded with the locals when complaining about Real Madrid’s poor play.  its hilarious that regardless of where you are in the world, men will unite over sports.

Tasty Chicken Schwarmas

tomorrow is our first full day in KSA and it will be a long one.  most of our day will be spent in Al Hasa exploring caves and seeing marketplaces but tomorrow night will be a traditional Saudi meal.  definitely looking forward to that.

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