middle east trip – day 5

though yesterday was an adventure filled day, today was more of a calm day, filled with family obligations.

the whole thursday/friday being the weekend here in the Kingdom really throws me for a loop.  since today was thursday, it’s the equivalent of saturday in Saudi and saturday is always family lunch for my sister’s in-law’s.  since our family and their family has never met, today’s lunch was the first opportunity for all of us to meet.

my sister’s new in-laws have a HUGE villa being built near the water however their current home is no slouch either.  after formal introductions, we feasted on a huge lunch of seafood.  everything was delicious however no opportunities to take photos since it was family time.  our new extended is extremely nice and it was great to see that my sister has such good people to rely on.

Mufti Family Room  Mr Mufti Talking With Scott and Dad

after lunch, we drove up to the ARAMCO campus, where my sister and bro-in-law live.  the campus is it’s own little city, with its own hospital, golf course, supermarket, etc.  what’s great about the campus is that the rules of the Kingdom somewhat don’t exist on the campus.  in an effort to cater to women coming from other nations, women are allowed to drive and are not required to wear an abaya on campus.  this makes the transition much easier.  the campus itself is impressive.  it’s HUGE and has multiple living areas, including an area for execs thats filled with megamansions and bentleys.  though i could see being confined to the campus driving you crazy, there are worse places to live.

tomorrow should be unfortunately another non-adventerous day since most of the day will be spent helping out the women with prep for the party for my sister.  but the men are planning on sneaking in a quick 9 holes and maybe a nice big schwarma dinner.

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