middle east trip – day 6

there was never going to be any way that today was going to be a calm day.  the main reasons why our family flew out to the middle east were to meet my brother-in’law’s family and also to attend a party/reception for my sister.  we already met the family at lunch yesterday but today was the real deal; today was the party.  unfortunately the party was only for women so the men would be hanging back on standby to help with logistics.

however before all the craziness of the party, our family hung out at a local beach club and had lunch.  the beach club is the equivalent of the country club in the US.  it’s very exclusive + expensive to join and most of the members are the social elite of the area.  we drove thru the club and saw the villas on the grounds where people come to escape the city for the weekend and though the houses themselves were not impressive, the lineup of cars were.  i’ve never seen so many bentleys, rolls royces, high end mercedes/bmws, range rovers, and other supercars in such a concentration.  it was pretty awesome.  lunch itself was nothing to write home about but eating at the marina overlooking this gorgeous turquoise water was not a bad way to spend the afternoon.

photo 1

after lunch we dropped of the ladies at the beauty salon and with time on our hands, the guys hit up the Aramco golf course.  apparently for a long time, the Aramco golf course was the only course in all of the Kingdom.  there now is a course in Riyadh but its surprising to see that golf is not popular in Saudi.  since the Aramco course was the only course in town, i half expected it to be in bad shape since there is no competition.  however, i was completely wrong.  the course was pristine and beautiful.  it also was long a challenging.  i definitely wouldn’t mind playing this course on a weekly basis.

photo 2

once we got back to the hotel, things were in full swing.  the women were ready to go to the party and the men had to help with transportation and such.  it was a whirlwind of craziness but everyone looked eager to go to the party.

since the ladies were eating dinner at the party, the men were left to fend for ourselves.  dad passed out early so myself and my two brother-in-laws went searching for one last down & dirty tasty meal.  and we found said meal in a hole-in-the-wall place downtown in the electronics district.  dinner consisted of babaganoush, hummus, kebabs, a panfried meat dish, and meat-filled bread.  the food was unbelievably tasty and was exactly what i was craving this entire trip.  a good local meal, something i can’t get back in the states.  this definitely was the perfect way to end our stay in Saudi.

Last Good Meal Meat Pie Meat Bread

tomorrow is our last day in the middle east.  since the ladies will be tired from partying all night and we need to fly back to Dubai for our flight back to the states, it more than likely will be a slow day in terms of finding adventures.  but i hope there is some time to go get myself in a little bit of trouble before i head back to the states.

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