Eurotrip 2016 – Portugese Coastline

“redeye flights are the best” – said no one ever

the plan was grab a rental car and hit two stops before making it up to Porto for the night.  sleep will have to wait.

stop 1 was peniche.  i was hoping the weather would be good so driving up the coast would be pleasant.  alas, mother nature did not abide and it was overcast and generally crappy out.  unfortunately the lack of sleep finally caught up with me and i definitely made a pitstop in some random town and took an hour nap. i woke up to some curious looks from locals.  look at the big scary sleeping asian!  oh well.

stop 2 was mealhada, the leitos capital of portugal.   leitos is suckling pig slow roasted over fire until the meat is suuuuper tender and the skin is suuuuuuper crispy.  its porky deliciousness.  combo with the vinegar-based spicy sauce (its got a fierce kick like a mule), you have deliciousness on a plate.


after my feast, i rolled into porto like a champ.  checked into my ridiculously nice hotel (definitely recommend AS 1829 for anyone who is going to Porto in the near future) and walked around town.  the plan was to grab a bite to eat in matosinhos, drop off the car, and then make it back for the portugal/poland game.  unfortunately plans don’t always equal reality.  by the time i got food in matosinhos, the game had already started and when i got back to the hotel, i passed out.  fail.  but on a brighter note, the seafood in matosinhos was on point and really hit the spot.


tomorrow is the start of the actual wedding so need to get my shit on straight before making a fool of myself.  pretty sure thats gonna happen regardless but trying to minimize the damage.

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