Eurotrip 2016


“don’t tell scotty, scotty doesn’t knowwwwww” – eurotrip

every since i’ve seen the cinema classic eurotrip, i’ve used their adventures as my high water mark for my own trip.  i’d like to say my time overseas as an undergrad closely resembled the debautchery, gluttony, and outright stupidity of the trip those 4 fatefull actors took on that 2004 classic, however i have been afforded another crack at.

background info – one of my closest friends from b-school is getting married.  his beautiful wife is portugese and hence the they decided to have a blowout event in portugal rather than in the USA.  the usual crew along with some other new faces are all here to go big and many of us will be traveling together before/after the wedding since we’ve already paid the freight to get out here and might as well make it a trip.

my itinerary for this trip breaks down as follows:

days 1-4: portugal
days 5-9: barcelona
days 10-11: lisbon

hopefully i don’t go broke before this trip ends.  i plan to update daily but who knows if that will actually happen.  just sit tight and try to follow my random train of thought and mumblings.

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