Eurotrip 2016: Porto

my apologies for not posting more quickly and/or more often.  weak wifi is partially to blame but partying and recovering from partying has been the main reason why i haven’t posted.

stop 2:  Porto.  the plan was to spend the morning/early afternoon in Porto and then welcome dinner at the wedding.

a quick latte and pastel de nata at the famous Cafe Majestic and i was off for the day.  first stop was Graham’s Port Lodge.  never have had port and as they say, when in Rome…

the primary reason i booked the port tasting at Grahams is because its supposed to have the best view of all the port lodges.  and they weren’t lying.  combine laziness with a beautiful view and good company and you get a very lazy day.  just look at this view and tell me you wouldn’t spend the day on comfy outdoor seating shooting the breeze with friends and a few drinks (which is what i did).


after dragging our feet, i finally hit the road for the Douro Valley and Six Senses for a wedding I will not soon forget.

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