EUROTRIP 2016 – Buddymooners

now with the wedding behind us, it was really time to party.  and no better way than to fly to Barcelona for 2 nights of debautchery with 20 or so people from the wedding.

after saying our goodbyes and thank yous to the Taveres family, the group headed to Porto for our flight to Barcelona.  of course it was delayed and of course we decided to best make of the time by drinking.

due to the late arrival, we missed our dinner reservation.  however, the cabbie mentioned a great tapas spot near our hotel and we gave it a chance.  it didn’t disappoint.  originally it was to be 10 at one table and 10 at another but somehow we all ended up at the same table and we ended up ordering enough food to feed an army.  it got to the point where the amount of food on our table was comical.  but if you’re gonna go go big, go BIG.

IMG_3462 2

the next day everyone did their own thing during the day.  i opted for sleep and recovery.  but everyone knew to meet for post siesta drinks at 8 and dinner was at 930.  our reservation was at the restaurant we tried to go to the night before.  thankfully this time we were on time and we had the private wine cellar reserved for us.  the perfect room for the 20 of us.  the meal was pre-ordered and was a smorgasbord of cheese, meat, seafood, and other deliciousness.  thankfully this meal was a lot less ridiculous and i didn’t walk away thinking i could be popped by a pin.

IMG_3465 2

dinner led us to drinks at  the W Hotel at the Eclipse Bar.  and drinks led us dancing our faces off until 430AM.  we tried to relive the glory of the wedding but it wasn’t meant to be and we all ended up passing out around 5PM.

IMG_3471 2

finally on wednesday morning, the realization set in.  the buddymoon and by extension, the wedding was over.  people started to go their separate ways.  the newlyweds to Mallorca, some to Ibiza, others to Paris.  i am opting to stay in Barcelona to enjoy the city a few more days before heading back to Lisbon to meet up another friend.

the feeling was bittersweet but all good things must come to an end.

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