Eurotrip 2016 – Chaves

so after a quick 5 hour nap and forced checkout, most of the crew dragged their asses to Chaves, the hometown of Jnet’s dad.  we were promised a a fun and relaxing day of eating  pig and recovering from the wedding.  and sounded right up my alley.

unfortunately for some of the smith crew, this was the point in which we split.  it was bittersweet to see some of the crew split off but i knew we’d be making our own adventures with the group that we had.

par to the course, they hotel we were staying at in Chaves was a former castle and convent.  the ridiculousness just keeps coming.

the bbq was exactly as promised.  the Taveres house was incredible.  cool to see a lot of the locals show up.  lots of delclious meats, beer and wine, and good times.  it was nice to see everyone unwind.


this was the calm before the storm. monday over TWENTY of us are flying to Barca from the wedding to continue to the party.

the ultimate buddymoon.

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