Eurotrip 2016 – the wedding

so i’ve been blessed to be invited to a few weddings in my day.  some have been ordinary, some have been extraordinary, and a few that were ridiculous.  but this wedding takes the cake.  i don’t think anyone was prepared for the feast/festivities/ridiculousness that was going to ensue over the next 72 hours.

after my quick jaunt thru porto, the next stop was the douro valley.  if you don’t know, the douro valley is the prinicple wine region for Portugal.  this valley runs basically straight across the country and ends at Porto.

the wedding was held at Six Senses, possible the most famous and most luxurious hotels in the entire valley.  the only thing that rivaled the secludedness of this hotel was its beautify.  set on a hill, in the middle of a vineyard, with epic views of the valley and the river.  noe of those truly 5 star hotels where you know they’ve thought of every last detail. and they rented out the entire place.  i’m glad they did.  because after arriving, the next 36 hours were a complete shitshow.


night one was a 5 hour rehearsal dinner complete with open bar, grilled Portugese meats and vegetables, and supposedly some famous accordian guy that all the older Portugese people were flipping out to see.

after a lazy day by the pool, night two started with an amazing ceremony by the pool followed by an utterly ridiculous cocktail hour filled with delcious meats and cheeses.  that was followed by a 3 hour dinner where my drink was never even close to empty and the food was on point.


i was nervous about a last minute audible to have Moniello and I to give the best man speech but all went well and i think Muck appreciated what we had to say.

with the food done, everyone was ushered to the dance floor and all of a sudden, BOOM a fireworks display goes off.  and this was no M80 in the back of ragano’s apartment in DC but a legit 30 minute firework display, one to rival any  i’ve ever seen.  the DJ was pumping music and the liquor was flowing and it was on like donkey kong.


like i said in my instagram post, i don’t think we intended to stay up all night.  but i’m so glad we did.  to steal a line from moniello, the group that was still there in the end, those guys are truly family.  we might not share the same blood, but i would live and die for any of those fools.


with the sun rising, we all realized our night was done.  mission accomplished.

best. wedding. ever.

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