Eurotrip 2016 – Lisbon

the last leg of the trip.  when i first booked my flights and looked up things to do, i thought going to an all night festival in Lisbon was going to be the rager of trip.  boy, i was wrong.

after arriving in Lisbon, i quickly met up witha high school friend named Haas, who is living in Lisbon for the month.  he’s in this unique program where you move each month to a new city throughout the world.  valencia was stop 1, lisbon was stop 2, morocco is stop 3, etc.

while in northern Portugal, my friends had highly recommended a seafood spot in Lisbon.  its a spot Anthony Bourdain filmed at but more importantly, the owner is a good friend of my buddy’s new father-in-law.  the restaurant was all about shellfish and needless to stay, I went to town.  i’m pretty sure we ordered too much but the lobster, the crabs, the prawns, they were all ungodly fresh and good.  probably my best meal in europe.


day 2 was spent mostly as a tourist, riding a tuk tuk seeing the sights.



the final stop of the day was NOS Alive.  a long night rocking out to M83, Arcade Fire, and many other acts.


i honestly thought before i left for my trip that this would be a big night and highlight of the trip.  but by 4AM, i was exhausted.  the non-stop partying was catching up to me.  i’m an old man who needed sleep.

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