Buenos Aires skyline (not my photo)

it’s clearly been a while since i’ve posted on this site and honestly i don’t think anyone actually reads this but i’ve always said i hope that this will serve as a defacto diary for future choi.

the funny thing is that the last post on this blog was meeting up with Haas in Lisbon on one of his first legs of his year long journey around the world and now this post is about how I am now meeting up with him on one of the last legs of his journey in Buenos Aires.  very interesting to bookend his trip and to see the changes to a friend who’ve i known for almost 20 years.

the trip breaks down into two parts:
part a – 3 days in Mendoza, the wine region of Argentina
part b – 5 days in Buenos Aires

as always, i will chronicle my experiences in hopes to bring my (very few) readers some insights on a new culture, pictures of delicious food, and some laughs (whether with me or at me is up to you).

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