Buenos Aires – Polo

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 6.52.01 PM

first full day in Buenos Aires, what was the prudent thing to do? immediately leave the city.

after an early night, the crew took a day-long tour into the countryside to learn watch/learn/play polo. some of you may not know this, but i don’t ride animals – i firmly believe they are not meant to be ridden. so most of my day was spent taking photos and making fun of the group.

he first half of the day was spent watching/learning/practicing polo.  i’d like to say everyone was paying attention and learning a lot but that’d be a lie.

after a lunch, it was time to jump on a horse and put that practice (or lack thereof) to good use.  watching everyone play polo was like watching a bunch of kindergarteners play soccer.  it was one massive blob of people with a few stragglers out in left field who couldn’t control their horse (the equivalent of the kid who is picking his nose and totally clueless to the game at hand).


overall the experience was awesome.  learned about polo and Argentinian culture, ate some good food, spent some time with good friends, enjoyed the beautiful weather.

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