Buenos Aires – Food

the Argentine parilla (not my photo)

missing from my previous posts in BA have been the obligatory food shots.  i thought it would be best to just capture the scene in one post rather than scatter it.

food in Argentina can really be summed up in two distinct dishes – grilled meats and empanadas.  of course there are other dishes but these are the two you will encounter EVERYWHERE.  luckily i like both.

there are other regional dishes like the choripan (sausage sandwich) or the lomito completo (steak sandwich).  but these are more foods you grab and go and can vary from region to region.  both are delicious.

the great thing about BA is the food scene is really diverse.  from the mounds of meats on the parillas to ramen to argentine pizza (its terrible but they love it here), the city truly is a melting pot with a great food scene.

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