today was one of those amazing weekend days here in NorCal.  sunny, no fog, good temps (though a lot of wind).

started the day driving north of SF to go play bodega bay.  despite the 25 mph wind, the stunning views of the water on most holes and no wait on any hole made for a good round.


after the round, stopped by Spud Crab, possibly one of the best New England clam chowders i’ve ever had.  which is odd since it’s not new england.  more importantly, took advantage of the cheap fresh dungeness and ate my way thru a 2 pound crab.  damn it was tasty.


then drove home down the coast enjoying the views.  this view is from Mt Tam, right before heading into the forest and driving on one of the most harrowing roads i’ve ever been on.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

finished off the day grabbing dinner at Rich Table with a friend in town from NYC.  couldn’t have asked for a better saturday.

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